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“Rekondo is a dream come true. The fruit of many years of striving during which the dream and work have been our main travelling companions”

Lourdes Rekondo


Huerta Rekondo
Producto huerta Rekondo
Cocina Rekondo - Productos
Rekondo Chef
Atún Rekondo
Rekondo restaurante - Setas
Rekondo restaurante - Guisantes
Rekondo restaurante producto espárragos
Cocina Rekondo - Productos
Rekondo restaurante producto langosta
Rekondo restaurante producto Txitxarro
Rekondo restaurante - Setas
Rekondo restaurante - Guisantes
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The product, key to any good kitchen, is the indisputable protagonist in our stoves.

Personally and carefully chosen, we use the best prime materials in the area as a base for our dishes; which allows us to provide those flavours that the origin of the culture of good eating, the Basque Country, brings to us.

We are committed to traditional products, which surround us everyday and to working with the supplier. With no middlemen. As such, we guarantee the perfect touch for the creation of our dishes and the satisfaction of our guests.

Restaurante Rekondo brasa
“We all have a taste bud memory that we feed throughout our lives, and thanks to the respect that we give to the raw materials, we are able to recall memories that go beyond the kitchen itself.”

Iñaki Arrieta


Comedor Bodega - 20 comensales
Terraza Principal - 70 comensales
Comedor pequeño - 20 comensales
Reservado - 8 comensales
Comedor grande - 60 comensales
Restaurante Rekondo - Comedor grande
Bar - 10 comensales
Terraza Primavera - 15 comensales
Restaurante Rekondo - Comedor Bodega

Comedor Bodega
20 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Terraza Principal

Terraza Principal
70 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Comedor Pequeño

Comedor Pequeño
20 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Reservado

8 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Comedor Grande

Comedor principal

Restaurante Rekondo - Comedor grande

Comedor Grande
60 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Bar

10 comensales

Restaurante Rekondo - Terraza Primavera

Terraza Primavera
15 comensales

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Everyone who sits around the tables at Rekondo enjoys a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that will always live in their memories.

Unique corners surrounded by a halo that is equal parts unique and magical. A spectacular terrace, with its unforgettable views of the Concha Bay, is the entry way to the rest of the spaces in Rekondo.

Its murals are witnesses to countless celebrations for those who swear by custom made menus. We seek perfection at all times.


Iñaki Arrieta

Passionate about eating well since birth thanks to a family in which sitting around a table was never a trivial thing. Cooking is his calling, his way of life, his way of expressing himself. In a nutshell, his world.

Iñaki Arrieta has been at the helm of the Rekondo kitchen for over 20 years. He leads a great team of chefs who are a mixture of youth and experience, whose efforts are the path to success in every one of his creations.

“I always dreamt of the possibility of being part of what I consider to be one of the birthplaces of Basque gastronomy. Thanks to the hard work that we have done for all of these years, I now feel like part of this huge family”



Rekondo restaurante - Chef
Carta Rekondo restaurante - Milhojas de mousse de chocolate blanco, coulis de naranja y sorbete de maracuyá

Traditional and modern, the origin of the creation of unique flavours that stay in the memories of those who sit at the Rekondo tables.

The closeness that is present for being a family restaurant allows us to hover over every detail and fuss over every plate with careful tact, which guarantees the maximum enjoyment of our guests. This is the goal that we tirelessly strive for everyday when we open the doors to our house.

With every mouthful, our guests are participating in some of the most acclaimed flavours and textures in Donostia’s gastronomy route.

Cocina Rekondo
Cocina Rekondo
Cocina Rekondo
Cocina Rekondo
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Rekondo restaurante - Cocina
Rekondo restaurante - Txangurro al horno
Rekondo restaurante Iñaki Arrieta y Lourdes Rekondo

Time flies at Rekondo, whether it’s around a table, stove, or coals. Its evocative gastronomy and amazing wine cellar bring people from all over the world together every year to enjoy a unique location at the foot of Monte Igeldo with views of the Donostia bay.